About Comfort At Home

We would like to share our story of how we began our journey into providing personal home care.

In 2001 a husband, a father, a brother, and friend to many was in a catastrophic auto accident leaving him a high-level quadriplegic. In that instance our world and our lives were changed forever, at time, in an unknown way. Bob’s wife Betty, was literally across the world in the Phillipines, as a flight attendant, when she would finally receive the call about Bob. It would take Betty two sleepless days to finally make it home to see her husband, on a ventilator and encased in a halo in ICU, at Regions Hospital. The injuries from Bob’s accident left him with little function over 90% of his body and after three long years in rehabilitation in multiple facilities, Bob was finally able to be brought home. Once home, the responsibility of his cares was left to his family and close friends. Dependent upon us, we had to navigate the course to learn the proper way to dress, groom, bathe, feed, transfer, position Bob to keep him as healthy mentally and physically as possible. Bob’s care and health would evolve over time in an unending way and after 13 long years he peacefully passed away in his sleep.

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